Its never to late to start training with your dog. Maybe you missed out on puppy school or need some fine tuning now they are fully fledged adults. Maybe you got your dog when they were already adults or have done the fantastic thing of taking on a rescue. Whatever the reason is, we have put together a package that suits those adult dogs (from the ages of 2 years +)

As no 2 dogs are the same we have popped together 2 different stages of training as to break it down into bite-sized chunks as we know a lot of training can seem daunting; maybe you have the basics but need to work on the trickier bits and are struggling with different aspects of training. Or if neither of those options suit, then why not opt for the pick and mix option. This will allow you to pick which life skills you really want to specialise and focus in. 

If you can't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us as we can build a completely bespoke package to suit your dog. 

1-1 rescue (or adult) dog packages

Just because your dog is an adult doesn't mean that they will not benefit from any training and lots of dogs go on to need continuous training once they become fully fledged adults. 

Maybe you have a rescue dog that needs a bit of extra help adjusting to life in the big wide world. We know just what thats like as we have had a lot of dealings with rescue dogs over the years from street dogs to ex-fighting dogs to puppy farm dogs and even some cruelty cases. 

there is not much that shocks us anymore and we are here to offer you all the support you need as an owner if you have taken on a rescue, as after all it is very rewarding to watch these dogs flourish into well adjusted individuals. 

We have come up with 3 packages for you as it really will depend at what stage your dog is at as to what they will benefit from the most. All 3 packages will come with a full training guide suited to the package you have opted for, a certificate of completion, and some yummy natural treats suited to your dog. As with our other packages, we will include our bonus goodies (Worth £60) if the package is paid for in full upon booking, these include: 

**Training toy that is suited to your dog

**Training pouch to get you started

**£10 off voucher for a custom made Snuffle mat when ordered through ourselves

***Package 1***

The first programme we bring to the table is for the individuals that really are a blank canvas, we will start you at the beginning to get the very best from your dog. 

We will look at: 

Understanding the principles of training

Canine communication: how to read your dog and the importance of it

Basic safety commands

Confidence building and handling techniques 

Relationship boosters

Focus work 

Calming work and its importance

Boundary work

Loose lead work 

This programme is being offered over  6 x 1-hour sessions, please be aware that your first session may last upto 1-1/2 hours 

***Package 2***

Now this programme can be used as a continuation to what is covered above or it can be used as a stand alone if your dog has the basics in place. 

we will look at: 

Stress and arousal and how to deal with it 

Impulse control 

How to use boundary work in the big wide world and taking it on the road (not literally of course!)

Using your commands in the real world

Focus work around distraction 

Loose lead around distraction

The ultimate life skill: Recall. 

This programme is being offered over 6 x 1-hour sessions. 

As of March, 2019 it will go up to the full price of £180 (saving of £70) per programme. If you are interested in purchasing the 2 programmes together (They can be used with a break in-between) then they will be offered at £320 (a saving of £150).

***SUMMER SALE*** 6 x 1-hour sessions for £150 choosing between package 1 or package 2. If you would like to purchase both, you can for £275, to be paid in full & booked in June, July, August, 2019 only. 


If neither of those packages mentioned above suit what you are looking for then why not opt for our bespoke training package. This means, you tell us what you want to work on and we will build up a unique programme to suit your requirements. 

If booked from March onwards then Prices begin from £260. 

!!!Please note that if your dog has reactivity or aggression issues then please opt for our 1-1 Reactive dog package instead as more time will be required!!!

Areas not covered on these packages are: 

* dog-dog reactivity/aggression *

* dog-human reactivity/aggression *

* resource guarding concerns * 

* Separation Anxiety concerns- Please opt for a full consultation basis due to the complexity of this issue *

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