Welcome to our K9 Academy area. Here you will find all things behaviour and training. 

We only use the latest training techniques available and at the moment are using a combination of positive reinforcement training and game-based concept training. We are seeing a massive difference in the dogs that we work with and its lovely to watch them flourish. 

We offer a range of packages, but if you don't see what it is you are looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch as we are more than happy to build a programme to you, after all, all dogs are individuals. 

We also offer a holistic twist to our training, and do look at alternatives therapies if they are required for your dog. At the moment we do look at nutrition as this can have a massive impact on your dog's behaviour; herbal supplements; hands-on healing and are in the process of learning animal communication and crystal therapies. 

We will travel anywhere for our behaviour work, and we cover the first 12-mile free of charge. (40p per mile thereafter)

1-to-1 behaviour consultation & follow-on packages

Our Behaviour consults are 2-hours long and are the starting point for dogs that really need that extra hand in particular areas of their life. 

we also offer a range of follow-on options depending on the severity of the concern. 

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1-1 Puppy package

Puppies, puppies puppies

We specialise in puppy antics and this package brings everything we would cover in puppy school to your home. We even have the add-on option of a session before you bring your new puppy home. 

Ideal learning for puppies upto the age of 8 months. 

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1-1 Adolescent package

The cheeky adolescent stage that is definitely the most testing phase of your young dogs life. This package is geared up for those that aren't confident in a class situation but it brings all our class stuff to you. 

This suits dogs from 8 months to 2 years. 

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1-to-1 REscue (or adult dog) Packages

Not sure your dog would like a class environment but want to give them a little extra guidance? 

This programme is for dogs over the age of 2 years. 

Perfect for adult rescue dogs needing a helping hand or for adults that need a bit of fine-tuning. 

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 1-to-1 REactive dog packages

Reactive dogs can be tricky so we have decided to bring to the table a programme that will cover various areas that can be worked through to get a better management protocol that is tailor made to you & your dog. 

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